28 February 2008

The Rules

Last updated: March 27th 2009

Here's a quick overview of the rules.

Playing the game

The rules for GP Predictions are very simple. Players predict the results of Grands Prix and are awarded points based on how close their guesses are to the real results. The points format remains the same as it has done since the game started in 2002.

Players must predict the following results of each Grand Prix (via the online entry form), and the points awarded are as follows:

Pole Position - 2pts for a correct prediction

The top six finishers in the race - 3pts for a correct predicton, 2pts for one out, 1pt for two out

Fastest Lap - 2pts for a correct prediction

One DNF - 1pt for a correct prediction

Thats a possible maximum of 23pts per round. Obviously the player with the most points each round is the round winner; the player with the most points at the end of the season is the champion. No surprises there...

In the event of more than one player having the highest score in a round, the one with the most '3-pointers' is declared the winner. Failing that, the most '2-pointers' and so on. In the event of a total deadlock, the player with the higher championship position is awarded the win.

The deadline for each round is the moment the first practice session starts on the Friday of the GP weekend (Thursday for Monaco). Players may update their entry as many times as they like up to this time.

Reminders are sent out to all players via email every Monday before a Grand Prix weekend.

Any driver that fails to finish the race counts as a DNF. That is to say, they do not have to start the race; they must simply be entering the Grand Prix weekend at the time of the deadline. If a driver is substituted after the deadline, it counts as a DNF. If a driver completes a sufficient race distance to be a classified finisher, he does not count as a DNF. Points are only awarded for unclassified drivers.

The teams

The teams the players compete for have no bearing on the game whatsoever - its just for fun. New for the 2009 season is the introduction of a bid-based team allocation system so that success takes you closer to the team you most want to be with.

In brief, players submit a list of the teams at the start of the season from most desired to least. The reigning champion gets first choice and seats are then allocated in order of GP and Championship wins (ie, the number of trophies).

Players that finish in the top eight in the championship and/or win more than once have the right to keep their team for the following season should they wish. Nobody can take a seat that has been claimed this way.

So in simple terms, the more you win, the more bidding power you have.

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