3 May 2010

China 2010: Round 4 Results


Congratulations to NEA on taking his second win in 2010 and climbing nine places to fourth in the championship - a pretty decent recovery after scoring a solitary point last time out in Malaysia! Only he and Montie correctly correctly predicted such a strong showing from Button and although back-to-front, NEA's prediction of a McLaren 1-2 was the foundation of his victory.

In the championship, Revs retakes the lead ahead of team mate Karan after a no-show from previous leader Wooze. Whilst Wooze falls to 12th, the closeness in the points means he's still in the running, just seven points from the top.

GPP welcomes newcomer McMerc, whose decent debut helped Mercedes score more points than any other team and move up two places to 7th overall.

Roll on Spain! (yawn...)


Anonymous said...

2 wins in 4 races? Come on Neil I liked it better when you were on your sabbatical :P Damn is it ever close this year though.

- Karan

Neil said...

Well, what can I say? I obviously was allowed to modify my Ferrari engine for "reliability" purposes.

I'll exchange tactics with you at Spa :p

Anonymous said...

Grats Nea.

Looks like I'm in the ditch again with my Barcelona picks.