31 August 2010

Turkey 2010: Round 7 Results


Grats to ForeverR5 on his fourth career win! Whilst he won last season with McLaren, this is his first victory for Toro Rosso since his home race in 2007.

Standings after Turkey:

1. NEA (59pts, 2 wins)
2. Montie (59pts, 1 win)
3. UnclePeJay (55pts)
4. Karan (54pts)
5. Revs (53pts)
6. Badboy (51pts)
7. Robin (51pts)
8. Fisichella (50pts)

1. Ferrari (107pts)
2. Red Bull (105pts)
3. Lotus (93pts)

It's alive, alive!!


Yes, the first post in over three months! Most of you will have received an email just before Belgium informing you that I am not in fact a corpse and that the show will, as ever, go on.

Results will now be posted over the following days (starting right now), one event each day until we're back up to speed on Monday 6th September. To keep things speedy, I'll not update the full championship table until then.

Thanks again to all those that contacted me and those that continued playing the game - notably Eric (Badboy) who recently sent me this picture - I still wonder whether I'm the doctor or the monster... :D


Roll on results time!