28 September 2009

Tie scores

As the championship leaders are once again tied on points could well finish the season that way, I wanted to post a brief explanation of how championship positions are worked out in the event of tied scores.

Firstly, the number of wins is counted. If this is also a tie (as now), the highest score throughout the year counts. If still tied, the second highest score counts and so on. I wanted to point this out becuse after Hungary I mistakenly considered Karan the leader when tied with Wooze. He had the higher winning score, but Wooze's score from Spain technically keeps him ahead. This is the way its been done in seasons past, which is how UnclePeJay beat Wooze to seventh last year.

Of course, you guys could make it easier for me and stop bloody tying! :)


Singapore 2009: Round 14 Results


Grats to Fisichella, who takes his second win in three races. Its his fifth career victory overall and I have to admit its good to see his season start to come good after a tough first half. As a multiple winner in 2009, he has now also secured his seat should he wish to stay with the team, whatever they might be called next season.

The battle between Karan and Wooze for the world championship rages on and remains as close as ever. Outscoring Wooze in Singapore by three points, Karan is now once again tied with Wooze at the top of the standings. With just three to go, its wide open. Wooze leads by virtue of a higher score during the year (Spain).

Singapore was also a great round for Luigi, who jumps from 11th to sixth. He might be yet to win in GPP but he's looking good for securing his seat at Renault.

The order in the teams championship remains as it was, but another great showing from Karan and Revs sees Ferrari pull ten points clear of Brawn.

Germany move up to fourth in the nations championship after a no-show from the Australians whilst Luigi's impressive recent form lifts Belgium ahead of Denmark. Canada look to have seen off the USA threat for second for the time being.

Roll on Japan!

23 September 2009

Italy 2009: Round 13 Results


A big, big congratulations to Revs on a Tifosi-pleasing win for Ferrari on home turf. Not only does this win (his 10th no less) keep him in contention for the title, but it means he continues his record of being the only player ever to hit the top spot in all eight Predictions seasons. Impressive stuff.

In the title chase, Karan remains three points behind Wooze after both scored six points. Revs moves up to third, 11 points behind the lead. ForeverR5 now lies seventh after another good result and has been quietly climbing the leaderboard all season - he must be ruing missing the Chinese Grand Prix.

In the teams championship, Ferrari retake the lead from Brawn yet again. They are five points clear of Brawn with three wins apiece. A bad round for Toyota means a late surge for the title now looks unlikely whilst Renault pairing Montie and Luigi scored well to lift the team to fourth.

Great Britain still lead the way in the nations standings, but the USA is on the move, closing to within two points of Canada's second place.

Roll on (a hopefully un-fixed) Singapore!

22 September 2009

C'est la vie

Hi all

Its about time I gave you lot an update. A couple of things:

1) Firstly, apologies for the slight delays recently on the blog. I've not been too well recently and had a break away from everything. I'm determined to get everything sorted tomorrow night.

2) After almost three years reliable use, the free form site I use has ceased all free accounts immediately and now only offers a pay service. I'll try and sort out a replacement for that (suggestions welcome) but in the meantime, please send all Singapore entries via email: kohlstream13@hotmail.com

I guess it wouldn't be Predictions without the Summer cock up. I'm really sorry guys.


6 September 2009

Form updated: Fisichella to Ferrari, Liuzzi added

As I'm sure you all know by now, Giancarlo Fisichella has been released from his Force India contract to realise his lifelong dream of racing for Ferrari. He'll compete for the Scuderia in the remaining five Grands Prix before becoming official reserve and test driver in 2010.

I've seen the whole of Fisi's career and I've always been a fan. Its great to see him get the finish to his career he deserves.

As I write this, Force India have not yet officially confirmed that it will be test driver Vitantonio Liuzzi that will take Giancarlo's place, but its a safe bet that the plucky Italian will be making his race comeback this weekend in his home Grand Prix.

The entry form is now updated and ready to use.

3 September 2009

Belgium 2009: Round 12 Results


Congratulations to Fisichella on taking his fourth career victory! Its been a tough season by his own standards, populating the lower end of the standings after two seconds and a sixth in the last three years. Good to see you back on winning form, bud. And just as the real Fisi hits good form too...

In another instance of the game replicating real life, Brawn's Wooze had a pretty terrible round yet still extended his championship lead. He now sits three points clear of Karan and a further nine ahead of IceMan, who leapfrogs his team mate after the Canadian drew a blank at Spa.

Brawn and Ferrari continue to swap the teams championship lead like a hot potato, the two teams once again tied on points at the top, with Brawn ahead on season wins. Red Bull come away from Belgium with more points than their rivals and look set to overhaul their junior team for sixth.

Great Britain extend their lead in the nations championship after a difficult round for Canada has left them fighting a rearguard action against arch rivals USA.

Roll on Italy!