30 July 2008


Ahhh yes... still no update.

Apologies for the constant delay. Life's been very busy lately. Amongst other things, I've recently started a new job and I'm swamped with work.

However, this coming Sunday, straight after the GP its straight to work and at the very least, the French GP results will be up. Hopefully more though. You'll see. No really! Probably.

Meantime its Hungarian GP time and what with the falling behind and all I'm extending this week's deadline to the start of qualifying on Saturday. Thats 1pm, Saturday August 2nd. The form will still say Germany, but rest assured, any entries made after the German race will count for Hungary.

Or, if you prefer, you can email your entry.

Cheers all. I'll get there in the end. Thank God there's a three week break after Hungary, eh?

12 July 2008


Ok guys, just letting you know that everything should be back up to date by the German GP weekend. Meanwhile the form is ready for German GP entries.

Cheers all!