26 August 2009

Europe 2009: Round 11 Results


A big congratulations to Kai-Star on winning the European Grand Prix. Its his first for Red Bull, the third of his career and his first since Brazil 2007. He's also jumped from 16th to 12th in one race. Nice work mate.

Gotta spare a quick moment to big up Rubens. What a legend! The only downside is I predicted him for the win at every race this year... until this one. Oh yes. I rule.

In the championship standings Brawn and Ferrari have swapped their championbship leads - Wooze takes over from former champ Karan whilst a little help from Revs has seen Ferrari retake the lead in the teams championship. Bommer falls from 4th to 7th after his first missed round of the year, leaving IceMan to move up behind team mate Hollywood and make it a Toyota 3-4. Toro Rosso drop to 6th after a double-DNE.

Australia's second win of the season sees them claw some ground back on the leading trio, but a top three spot still looks a big ask with just six rounds to go.

The glorious Spa-Francorchamps is up next. Early forecasts suggest a good chance of rain over the weekend. Click here for forecast details.

Roll on Belgium!!

12 August 2009

Form updated: Luca Badoer and Romain Grosjean added

Yep, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Michael Schumacher will not in fact be replacing Massa after the F2007 testing demonstrated that the neck injuries he suffered from a motorbike accident in February aren't healed enough for a race return. Long-time Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer will be taking the seat instead. Its a shame about Schumi, but after 11 years with the team I think its justified reward for Luca. Plus we potentially have an Italian racing for Ferrari at Monza. Special indeed.

Do we think he'll hold on to the seat until Felipe's return? Maybe a chance for Marc Gene to get back on the grid?

The other change to the driver line up is Renault finally ditching Nelson Piquet Jr. Its about damn time. GP2 and Renault development driver Romain Grosjean has not yet been confirmed to replace him (Renault are yet to find out if their race ban appeal is successful) but it seems a forgone conclusion.

The form is now updated and ready to use.