25 March 2008

Round 2 - Malaysia Results

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Championship standings are now uploaded and can be found via the link to the right.

17 March 2008

Round 1 - Australia Results

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15 March 2008

2008 Ferrari Line up


Reigning champion Karan fulfills his ambition of competing for Ferrari after three seasons at Renault. He's joined by Hoellsen, returning to the squad after a highly successful campaign with BMW Sauber last year.

1 - Karan
2 - Hoellsen

2008 BMW Sauber Line up

BMW Sauber

2005 champion SGP stays on at BMW Sauber for a third campaign. He's joined by Fisichella, who has finished second in the championship for the last two seasons.

3 - SGP
4 - Fisichella

2008 Renault Line up


After dominating 2007, Karan and Fisichella move on to better teams, paving the way for IceMan and Ghost. Both were winners in 2007 and will look to build on that in their new relationship with the reigning champions.

5 - IceMan
6 - Ghost

2008 Williams Toyota Line up

Williams Toyota

No change at Williams as multiple winners NEA and Badboy make up the Williams line up.

7 - NEA
8 - Badboy

2008 Red Bull Renault Line up

Red Bull Renault

Montie stays on at Red Bull for a second season whilst UnclePeJa's commitment to the Jordan/Midland/Spyker team earns him the other seat and a great chance to consolidate his position as the top American in the field.

9 - Montie
10 - UnclePeJa

2008 Toyota Line up


Toyota field a changed line up for the first time in three years. Bommer stays on for season number four but is joined by Luigi, who debuted at the Hungarian Grand Prix last year, standing in at the Spyker team.

11 - Bommer
12 - Luigi

2008 Toro Rosso Ferrari Line up

Toro Rosso Ferrari

Toro Rosso aim to build on consistency as Forever_R5 and LoudHoward stick with the team for a second season.

14 - Forever_R5
15 - LoudHoward

2008 Honda Line up


Its an all British line up at Honda as Atomic and Wooze remain as team mates at the Japanese squad for a third year. This season will be Wooze's fourth with the team; he debuted with them in their former incarnation, BAR Honda.

16 - Atomic
17 - Wooze

2008 Super Aguri Honda Line up

Super Aguri Honda

After a good run replacing Huntress mid-season at Ferrari in 2007, Mary J takes a full time seat to lead the Super Aguri team. Berkem takes refuge at the Honda B-Team after losing his Red Bull seat.

18 - Mary J
19 - Berkem

2008 Force India Ferrari Line up

Force India Ferrari

Its a new pairing for the team formerly known as Spyker. Sandeep leaves McLaren to lead the team that bears his nation's name and AndySly88 makes her debut alongside.

20 - Sandeep
21 - AndySly88

2008 McLaren Mercedes-Benz Line up

McLaren Mercedes-Benz

Its all change at McLaren in an aim to return to the sharp end of the field. Former Champion Revs joins the team after six successful years at Ferrari whilst Kai-Star's stunning debut season last year earns him the second seat.

22 - Revs
23 - Kai-Star

12 March 2008

Welcome AndySly88

A big welcome to newcomer AndySly88, who joins the field and makes it 22 players out of 22 for the season.

Her addition means we now have four Americans on the grid, making them a strong contender for the Nations Championship. Oh, and she's married to Forever_R5 :) Good luck!

10 March 2008

Entry Form Up / Password Reminder

Ok, we've got 21 out of 22 and its the Monday before the Australian GP, so its time to get going. The form is now updated so you can all use it. Hit F5 on the form if you don't see the latest version.

Passwords for the form are the same as last year, so if you need a reminder, or just want to change yours, email me.

The player line up will be posted on Wednesday. EDIT - Gotta wait until all the helmet shots etc have been taken in Oz, so it'll be a couple of days yet...

Cheers and good luck!