28 February 2010

Predictions 2010 registration now open

Hello! Long time no see...

The off-season is finally drawing to a close and in less than two weeks the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship will roar into life. This season promises great things, with no refuelling, new teams and drivers and the return of a certain Mr Schumacher.
Naturally, GP Predictions is returning for a ninth successive season.

If you took part in GPP last year, you should have received an invitational email to register for this season. All existing players are of course welcome to return and with the expanded grid this year (quite how expanded remainds to be seen), there are additional spaces available for new players.

How to register

Whether you're an existing or new player, if you would like to play, all you need to do is send me an email with the following details:

- Your username
- A password
- Your choice of team, listed from most preferred to least

Seats will be allocated in order of win tallies, aside from Karan who gets first choice as reigning champion. As things stand, we don't actually know the full 2010 F1 entry list (well done FIA) so use the following list of teams and I'll exclude as necessary:

1. McLaren
2. Mercedes
3. Red Bull
4. Ferrari
5. Williams
6. Renault
7. Force India
8. Toro Rosso
9. Lotus
10. HRT
11. Virgin
12. BMW Sauber

Alternatively, if you finished in the top eight in 2009 or won more than once, you can keep hold of your existing team by stating 'keep seat'. The following players qualify for this:

- Karan (Ferrari)
- Wooze (Mercedes)
- IceMan (SGP)
- Revs (Ferrari)
- Montie (Renault)
- Luigi (Renault)
- Fisichella (BMW Sauber)
- Hollywood (SGP)

And thats it! I'll be updating the blog over the coming week to get it all 2010-ified and hopefully adding a few things to make it easier to keep in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Roll on Bahrain!

Image copyright: Davenport / xpb