12 September 2010

Belgium 2010: Round 13 Results


Congratulations to NEA who scores an amazing fourth victory of the season - as many as he scored in his 79 Grands Prix before 2010. He matches Hungary winner Montie's total of eight wins, putting him joint third of the active players and now stands a chance of matching the record for wins in a single season - Max2147's five in 2003.

And to think he was actually at the race too. Some people have all the luck!

Standings after Belgium:

1. Revs (111pts)
2. Montie (105pts)
3. Karan (104pts)
4. NEA (103pts, 4 wins)
5. Badboy (103pts)
6. Fisichella (102pts)
7. UnclePeJay (99pts)
8. ForeverR5 (94pts)

1. Ferrari (215pts)
2. Red Bull (201pts)
3. Toro Rosso (179pts)

Hungary 2010: Round 12 Results


Congratulations to Montie on his second victory of 2010 at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The win is his eighth which moves him into a clear third place on win tallies for active players. More importantly, it brings him up to within three points of the championship lead he held after Canada.

Standings after Hungary:

1. Revs (105pts)
2. Montie (102pts)
3. Karan (100pts)
4. Badboy (99pts)
5. UnclePeJay (97pts)
6. NEA (93pts, 3 wins)
7. Fisichella (93pts, 1 win)
8. ForeverR5 (90pts)

1. Ferrari (205pts)
2. Red Bull (190pts)
3. Toro Rosso (168pts)

4 September 2010

Germany 2010: Round 11 Results


Congratulations to reigning champion Karan on taking his first victory of the 2010 season at the German Grand Prix. Its the sixth win of his career and his fourth for the Scuderia.

And represented by Massa too - its almost poetic!

He's now up to third overall as the Ferraris begin to dominate the standings, once again.

Standings after Germany:

1. Revs (98pts)
2. Badboy (93pts)
3. Karan (91pts)
4. Montie (90pts, 1 win)
5. UnclePeJay (90pts)
6. NEA (86pts, 3 wins)
7. Fisichella (86pts, 1 win)
8. ForeverR5 (81pts)

1. Ferrari (189pts)
2. Red Bull (176pts)
3. Toro Rosso (149pts, 1 win, high score of 28)
4. Mercedes (149pts, 1 win, high score of 22)

3 September 2010

Great Britain 2010: Round 10 Results


Its funny how things go... after two rounds posting the lowest score, NEA hits back to take his third win of 2010. He has nearly doubled his win tally in this season alone.

Its also a birthday of sorts - Silverstone marked the 150th Grand Prix for Predictions. What better place for a milestone like that? Many of you have been around since the early days, some of you have been around since the start in 2002. Pats on the back all round for bringing the game this far! Cheers guys.

In the standings, Revs extends his championship lead to five points, with fellow High Gear original Badboy now up to second.

Standings after Great Britain:

1. Revs (90pts)
2. Badboy (85pts)
3. Montie (83pts)
4. UnclePeJay (81pts)
5. Karan (80pts)
6. NEA (78pts)
7. Fisichella (77pts)
8. Robin (75pts)

1. Ferrari (170pts)
2. Red Bull (158pts)
3. Lotus (135pts)

2 September 2010

Europe 2010: Round 9 Results


Not a bad day at the office for Revs! He scores his eleventh win - his third European GP - to jump to the top of the standings. Is he on his way to a second world title?

He is now also just two wins behind the record of 13, currently held by yours truly. Catch me if you can!

Standings after Europe:

1. Revs (81pts)
2. Montie (77pts, 1 win)
3. Badboy (77pts)
4. Luigi (73pts)
5. Fisichella (72pts, 1 win)
6. Karan (72pts, high score of 12)
7. UnclePeJay (72pts, high score of 11)
8. Robin (68pts)

1. Ferrari (153pts)
2. Red Bull (144pts)
3. Lotus (127pts)

1 September 2010

Canada 2010: Round 8 Results


A big congratulations to Luigi who takes the first victory of his career since his debut for Spyker in 2007. He also scores prediction of the weekend for correctly predicting Kubica for fastest lap. Great stuff.

Grats also to Badboy - a great result in your home race.

NEA had a shocker, coming away with the lowest score and dropping from first to seventh in the title race, leaving Mercedes' Montie to head the pack.

Standings after Canada:

1. Montie (69pts, 1 win)
2. Revs (69pts)
3. Badboy (66pts, high score of 15)
4. Karan (66pts, high score of 12)
5. Fisichella (65pts, 1 win)
6. UnclePeJay (65pts)
7. NEA (64pts, 2 wins)
8. Luigi (64pts, 1 win)

1. Ferrari (135pts)
2. Red Bull (130pts)
3. Lotus (116pts)

31 August 2010

Turkey 2010: Round 7 Results


Grats to ForeverR5 on his fourth career win! Whilst he won last season with McLaren, this is his first victory for Toro Rosso since his home race in 2007.

Standings after Turkey:

1. NEA (59pts, 2 wins)
2. Montie (59pts, 1 win)
3. UnclePeJay (55pts)
4. Karan (54pts)
5. Revs (53pts)
6. Badboy (51pts)
7. Robin (51pts)
8. Fisichella (50pts)

1. Ferrari (107pts)
2. Red Bull (105pts)
3. Lotus (93pts)

It's alive, alive!!


Yes, the first post in over three months! Most of you will have received an email just before Belgium informing you that I am not in fact a corpse and that the show will, as ever, go on.

Results will now be posted over the following days (starting right now), one event each day until we're back up to speed on Monday 6th September. To keep things speedy, I'll not update the full championship table until then.

Thanks again to all those that contacted me and those that continued playing the game - notably Eric (Badboy) who recently sent me this picture - I still wonder whether I'm the doctor or the monster... :D


Roll on results time!

18 May 2010

Monaco 2010: Round 6 Results


Congratulations to Mercedes' Montie on taking his seventh career win on the grandest stage of the Formula 1 season. His win is of course the first for the Mercedes team in GPP and his first since Brazil at the end of last season. He has now jumped up from sixth to second overall, a single point behind leader NEA.

NEA and Montie now have a small amount of breathing space at the top of the standings with the Ferraris and Red Bulls bunched up in a battle for third. Karan and UnclePeJay are embroiled in probably the closest ever battle, having scored the same results in every race so far this season. Who will drop the ball first?

Mercedes climb the teams championship standings for the third race in succession and now sit fourth, with third placed Lotus within arm's reach. Ferrari retake the overall lead from Spain winners Red Bull.

One last thing - those who predicted Chandhock for a DNF do not score a point - his accident (well, Trulli's accident that happened to land on top of him) occured close enough to the end of the race for him to be a classified finisher.

Next up, the world's greatest empty grandstand exhibition - Roll on Turkey!

12 May 2010

Spain 2010: Round 5 Results


A big congratulations to Fisichella on winning in Spain! Its his first win since Singapore last season and his first for Red Bull, the team he made his debut with back in 2005. Fisi was one of the players to beat in the second half of last year and with a much better start in 2010, he has to be considered one of the key contenders for the championship.

The result sets up an epic battle for the lead in the championship, with no less than five players tied at the top on 41 points. NEA takes the top spot with his two victories to Fisichella's one, with American UnclePeJay and the Ferrari duo of Revs and Karan close behind. Its going to be fascinating to see which of these five leaves Monte Carlo with the best result and the championship lead.

Its a similar story in the teams championship, with Red Bull and Ferrari tied on 82pts apiece, Red Bull holding the advantage thanks to Fisichella's Spanish victory. Lotus are next up in third place whilst another strong showing from Mercedes pairing Montie and McMerc sees the German marque jump another two places to fifth.

Next up: Monaco. Gentleman, place your bets!

3 May 2010

China 2010: Round 4 Results


Congratulations to NEA on taking his second win in 2010 and climbing nine places to fourth in the championship - a pretty decent recovery after scoring a solitary point last time out in Malaysia! Only he and Montie correctly correctly predicted such a strong showing from Button and although back-to-front, NEA's prediction of a McLaren 1-2 was the foundation of his victory.

In the championship, Revs retakes the lead ahead of team mate Karan after a no-show from previous leader Wooze. Whilst Wooze falls to 12th, the closeness in the points means he's still in the running, just seven points from the top.

GPP welcomes newcomer McMerc, whose decent debut helped Mercedes score more points than any other team and move up two places to 7th overall.

Roll on Spain! (yawn...)

25 April 2010

Malaysia 2010: Round 3 Results


Congratulatons to Flutterfly, who takes his second career victory at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Its his first win for Williams, who he joined from Force India. The result leaves him sixth overall in the standings.

Meanwhile at the very top of the table, its 2009 all over again with Wooze snatching the lead back from Ferrari, this time in the form of Revs. His former nemesis Karan sits in third, just two points behind. Can last year's runner-up hold off Ferrari's all-champion pairing?

In the teams standings Ferrari head the pack with a four point lead over newcomers Lotus, who are enjoying a strong start to the season thanks to the efforts of cousins Badboy and Hollywood.

Australia 2010: Round 2 Results


Well done to NEA who takes his first GPP victory since Bahrain 2007 in what is a return season. Starting in 2002, prior to this year he'd not participated since Australia 2008. I duly retract any previous comparisons to Ralf Schumacher! Grats.

In the title race its Revs who ascends to the top of the pile and with yet another strong showing from both Ferrari entrants, the Scuderia leads the teams championship too.

Just a quick note for Scar - I did receive an entry but it was several hours after the deadline. In the past I've allowed this from time to time providing the entry wasn't influenced by free practice - this entry clearly was. Sorry bud!

24 March 2010

Five slots available ahead of Australia

Firstly a quick welcome to Glorfindel from the UK who has taken one of the vacant Toro Rosso seats for the Australian Grand Prix. Like myself, he has endured the sentence of being a flatmate to NEA, so I can only sympathise and hope he has better luck here...

That leaves five seats available that I'm hoping to fill for the rest of the season:
1x Mercedes
1x Renault
1x BMW Sauber
2x Hispania

For the last few seasons we've started with a full grid but this year I admit, I left it all a bit late in the day. If you know anybody you think might be interested in taking one of the remaining seats for Australia and beyond, please let me know.

Bahrain 2010: Round 1 Results


A big congratulations to Wooze on winning the opening round of 2010, just as he did last season when he went on to finish runner-up. The win is his first for McLaren and the fifth of his career. Close behind are the Ferraris of champions Revs and Karan who have carried forward their 2009 standard to head the teams championship once again at this early stage.

In what was billed as the most open championship for years, the scores are surprisingly high. Perhaps thats indicative of just how straight-forward and boring the Bahrain Grand Prix actually was. Newcomers Scar and Robin scored 11 and nine respectively whilst returnee NEA took a solid nine points. Well done also to UnclePeJay - the only player to correctly guess Sebastian Vettel for pole position.

Sorry for the delay in getting these results posted. Normal service should be resumed for Australia and beyond. No jokes about delays being normal service, please!

Roll on Australia! Lets hope its a little more exciting than Bahrain...

16 March 2010

2010 McLaren Mercedes Line up


McLaren field an all-British superteam for 2010.

Heading the charge Wooze, the only player able to take the fight to last year's eventual champion Karan. Having lead much of the season, he was unlucky to miss out on the title at the finish and with his consistently improving form, will be a strong contender in 2010. Joining him is Toyota refugee and multiple winner IceMan, who has emerged as a front runner in recent years, finishing the last two seasons in third place. Title contenders both.



2010 Force India Mercedes Line up


Sandeep continues his career with his national team, Force India. A true veteran of the game, only one result will do this season - scoring his first win since 2006 and his first in a car bearing his flag's colours. He is joined by Australian newcomer Robin.



2010 Red Bull Renault Line up


There's a potent force brewing over at Red Bull Racing.

The ever-present UnclePeJay stays with the team for a third straight year hoping to improve on his career best seventh in 2008 and add to his four wins. His team mate is Fisichella, returning to the team he debuted with. After a remarkable turnaround in 2009, the twice runner-up can never be discounted.



2010 Renault Line up


Belgium's Luigi remains with Renault for his fourth GPP season and is still looking for that breakthrough win. After improving every year so far, there's every chance this could be his best season to date.

The second Renault seat is available - contact me for details.



2010 Williams Cosworth Line up


There's an all new British line up at Williams for 2010.

Flutterfly moves from Force India to Williams for his second season. Whilst only finishing 17th in the 2009 standings, he did achieve his breakthrough win at Hungary - something some players are yet to achieve after several seasons. He is joined by rookie Scar, who makes his GPP debut in Bahrain.



2010 Mercedes Line up


There's fresh blood at the re-branded Mercedes GP.

Denmark's Montie has established himself as one of the games most prolific winners in the last couple of seasons and moves from Renault to lead the returning Mercedes Grand Prix team. Runner-up in 2008, he'll surely be a contender once again this year.

The second Mercedes seat is available - contact me for details.



2010 Hispania Cosworth Line up


Both Hispania seats are available - contact me for details.