27 October 2009

Analysis: Key battles ahead of Abu Dhabi

Its hard to believe there's only one round left of Formula 1 2009. As ever the season has flown by and we've had another great year of close-fought predictions. But while the championships might have been decided in the real world, there's still plenty to fight for in GPP09. Here's a look at some of the key battles ahead of the first ever Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Karan vs Wooze
All season long the battle for the championship has been between these two men. Ever since Wooze took the opening round in Australia, the two have lead the championship largely unchallenged, swapping the lead several times. Karan goes into the final round as firm favourite, holding a five point lead. Whilst Wooze can afford to tie on points, he'll need a big result and a little luck to stand a chance of becoming the game's third British champion. Karan meanwhile is looking to become the first ever two-time champion. Whoever winds up on top after Sunday will be a deserving champion.

Revs vs IceMan vs Atomic
Toyota's IceMan finds himself in a battle with two former champions for third place. Ferrari's Revs has a three point advantage and should be able to seal his top three position with a solid score, but a bum result could easily drop him two places. I'll be entering my last round as champion looking to steal fourth - overhauling Revs at this stage would take a small miracle.

Montie vs Luigi
Renault team mates Montie and Luigi find themselves level on 94 points in their first year together. 2008 runner-up Montie has beaten his Belgian team mate 10-6 so far this year and is the only one of the two to have taken the French marque to victory this year. But whoever bags a higher score in Abu Dhabi will earn the higher final championship position and, more importantly, bragging rights.

ForeverR5 vs Good Ol' JR vs Fisichella
A genuine good news story: just a few weeks ago, twice runner-up Fisichella found himself 19th in the championship seemingly unable to get his season started. Cue late season victories in Belgium and Singapore. He now sits 10th, just three points behind my missus Good Ol' JR. If eighth-placed ForeverR5 once again misses a round, Fisichella could well find himself ending the year in the top eight. Williams' Good Ol' JR needs just two points more than ForeverR5 in Abu Dhabi to secure her Williams seat for 2010.

Ducks to Break
Two of the twenty players remain winless in their predictions careers. Both Good Ol' JR and Luigi debuted late in the 2007 season and both are yet to take the top spot at a Grand Prix. Veteran Badboy had to wait quite some time for his debut win, finally sealing the deal in the final round of 2004. Luigi and JR will need similar luck if either is to avoid entering a fourth season empty handed.

Renault vs Toyota
Just three points separate these two teams in the battle for third place in the teams championship. Toyota's Hollywood has missed two of the last three rounds, but if he enters the season finale, the Japanese team could well retake the top three spot they held for much of the season.

Canada vs USA
The nations championship looks to be foregone conclusion, but there's a close battle for second place between these two great sister nations. Canada have taken an impressive four wins in 2009, but a four point cushion over the USA is by no means enough to guarantee their runner-up spot.

The very best of luck to everybody ahead of the last round of the season and as always, thanks for your continued commitment throughout 2009.

21 October 2009

Brazil 2009: Round 16 Results


Congratulations to Montie on taking his sixth career win, making him one of the most prolific winners in the series. Its Renault's first win of the season and indeed, Montie's first for his new team. He has won for every team he has competed with.

The fight for 2009 championship honours took a decisive swing in Brazil. The Ferraris and Renaults dominated the top scorers whilst the Brawn duo struggled. Number one contender Wooze came away with the lowest score, leaving him five points down on leader Karan going into the final round. While its not impossible that he will still take the title in Abu Dhabi, he'll need some good fortune to prevent Karan from becoming GPP's first ever two-time world champion. One small factor in Wooze's favour is that he can afford to tie on points - Karan needs to be at least a point clear.

Its a similar tale in the teams championship - Karan and Revs' performance in Brazil looks strong enough to have all but secured the title, leaving Brawn ten points down. Renault have jumped Toyota for third.

Great Britain can pretty much start uncorking the champagne in the nations championship.

Just one more to go folks - stay tuned this weekend for some additional analysis and information on the upcoming 2009 Race of Champions...

Roll on Abu Dhabi!

5 October 2009

Japan 2009: Round 15 Results


The return to Suzuka marked a return to the top spot for GPP veteran ForeverR5 - his first victory in over two years. This win is the third of his career and his first for McLaren. It lifts him to sixth overall - not bad for somebody with two DNEs on the 2009 scoreboard. Grats mate.

There's a change at the top of the championship standings as Karan once again takes the lead, two points clear of Wooze. With two rounds to go, its a two horse race, but the battle for third place is a close run thing, with just three points covering IceMan, Revs and me.

In the teams championship, Brawn refuse to give up on their championship challenge and have reduce the gap to leaders Ferrari from ten points to four. McLaren and Force India both climb a place at the expense of the two Red Bull teams.

Great Britain have moved well clear of their rivals and look to have an almost unassailable lead going into Brazil. ForeverR5's victory in Japan is USA's second of the season and closes the gap to Canada to just three points. The fight for second place is well and truly on for these neighbouring nations.

The season is drawing to a close, folks... Roll on Brazil!