7 April 2008

Round 3 - Bahrain Results

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Anonymous said...

You got this one real quick Pete! :)

Grats to SGP, nice result. The BMW combo is running away with it too!


Atomic said...

There was a time I'd get them up Sunday night every time. I think I'm getting old :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah I remember those days well! And how I long for them :P

Nah no worries, after that 6 month layoff, even a week will feel quick :P


Montie said...

Congratulation to SGP!

I am getting old Pete as well:) The other day I started counting how many season I have seen...its been a few for sure.

Atomic said...

Hehe yeah my viewing goes back to the days of Mansellmania, how about you? I swear, the more F1 I see, the more I appreciate it. Would've been cool to grow up watching it in the 70s though :)

Took a look at your Sim Art blog btw, nice work :)

StefanosP said...

cool, a win :)
Thanx all :)

I hope I manage to participate more rounds this year, last year I missed half or more and the year before was even worse.