10 September 2008

A note about the Belgian Grand Prix

No doubt you are all aware of the FIA hitting the self destruct button once again last weekend with another ridiculous penalty decision. My personal feeling is that Hamilton had no choice but to cut the chicane after Raikkonen forced him wide and that he acted perfectly fairly in giving the position back and making another pass. Yet again the FIA makes a mockery of our sport and ruins what turned out to be a great race.

McLaren are appealing the decision so, fingers crossed, Hamilton has half a chance of being reinstated as the winner (and I'm not just saying that because I'm British - I'm actually rooting for Kimi in the championship).

I'm going to base the Predictions results on the outcome of the appeal so it might be that they will have to wait until we know the outcome. If that comes later than Italy, or even Singapore, I'll still do the results of those later rounds. I'm off work for a few days now so I'll get all this up to date in the meantime, hopefully by the end of today.

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