31 August 2010

Turkey 2010: Round 7 Results


Grats to ForeverR5 on his fourth career win! Whilst he won last season with McLaren, this is his first victory for Toro Rosso since his home race in 2007.

Standings after Turkey:

1. NEA (59pts, 2 wins)
2. Montie (59pts, 1 win)
3. UnclePeJay (55pts)
4. Karan (54pts)
5. Revs (53pts)
6. Badboy (51pts)
7. Robin (51pts)
8. Fisichella (50pts)

1. Ferrari (107pts)
2. Red Bull (105pts)
3. Lotus (93pts)


UnclePeJay said...

Welcome Back, Pete!

Atomic said...

Hehe cheers bud, its good to be back :)

Anonymous said...

An atomic cheers to ya dude

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pete! Good to have you back (and alive!) mate.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are still alive! The heart of F1 predictions.

Keep it up!

Martijn (fisi)