22 October 2008

Round 17 - China Results

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Anonymous said...

Well done Pete, a solid run this year and very deserving of the title :) P2 would be more than satisfying for me though.

- Karan

Atomic said...

Knowing my luck I'll get hit by a bus crossing the road, miss the last round and finish second :P

But yeah, I guess its not looking too bad :D

Anonymous said...

Don't believe him. I received his predictions allright, he had:

Pole: Alex Yoong
1-Al Pease
2-Claudio Langes
3-Otto Stuppacher
4-Tarso Marques
5-Ricardo Rosset
6-Ukyo Katayama
FL:Al Pease
DNF: M. Schumacher

-Badboy :)

Kudos mate!

Atomic said...

Lies, all lies! I had Yuji Ide for pole dammit! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my bad.

congrats on your prediction of the week: Taki Inoue driving the safety car without incident.