4 November 2008

Farewell Hoellsen!

Well the 2008 season is over and the final results of the year will be posted tomorrow. Tonight though, I just wanted to wish a fond farewell to a Predictions veteran - Hoellsen.

Hoellsen informed me recently that he would be 'retiring' from the game after the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix as he no longer has the time to follow F1 as closely as he'd like. And for someone who has entered every single round of the game's history, I think he deserves a little send-off! So from the High Gear Forum days to the current blog, here's a summary of the career of the guy who never missed a Grand Prix in seven years:

Team: Ferrari
Team mate: Revs
Result: 2nd in Championship, 161pts, 4 wins (including winning the first ever Predictions Grand Prix)

Team: Ferrari
Team mate: Revs
Result: 3rd in Championship, 116pts

Team: Ferrari
Team mate: Revs
Result: 7th in Championship, 155pts, 1 win

Team: Ferrari
Team mate: Revs
Result: 3rd in Championship, 146pts

Team: Ferrari
Team mate: Revs
Result: 12th in Championship, 130pts

Team: BMW Sauber
Team mate: SGP
Result: 4th in Championship, 158pts, 1 win

Team: Ferrari
Team mate: Karan
Result: 15th in Championship, 115pts

Career Statistics:
Grands Prix: 123
Wins: 6
Australia 2002 (Ferrari)
Belgium 2002 (Ferrari)
Italy 2002 (Ferrari)
Japan 2002 (Ferrari)
Australia 2004 (Ferrari)
Belgium 2007 (BMW Sauber)
Points: 981
Positions: 119
Best Result: 16pts (Turkey 2005)

One of the most successful competitors ever and Ferrari's longest serving player. As far as I'm concerned mate, you're one of the cornerstones the game was built on. Its a shame to see you leaving and you're welcome back any time!

See you around, friend.



Anonymous said...

Nice touch Pete :) Hope to see you back in the game Hoellsen, but it was nice being your team mate albiet for one year only.

Take it easy mate,

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate, it's been nice losing to you!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

Damn, forgot to sign the previous post. LOL,


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the nice farewell, means a lot, Pete.

And thanks of course for keeping this game up for all the years, was great fun.

Thanks also to all of the competitors who also apreciated Pete's work and kept this the most pleasant predictions game I know!

Best of luck to all. :)