5 November 2008

Round 18 - Brazil Results

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And there we have it, the season is over! Click here to view the final championship standings. Thanks again to everybody for playing. The game will be back next year for Predictions 2009 for anybody that wants to take part - I'll be posting more info on that in the coming days.



Anonymous said...

Well done Pete, a solid and well deserved run of scores for you this year :) Thanks for organizing this once again, top notch as always!

See you guys back here in 2009 then!

- Karan

UnclePeJay said...

Congrats, Pete! It's been a great year. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Damn, out of the podium again. If youwaana find a real loser, look here, I'm the one and only who could lose the teammate battle whitout missing a race while my teammate enters only once. ROFL!

It's been fun once again and I'm looking forward to miss the podium in 2009 too.

Cheers to you all and million thanks to the rodent dude (kudos to you for your season btw) for allowing us to play this neat prediction game.

Early prediction of the 2009 season: Pete's computer will go bezerk in june. ;)


Anonymous said...

Cheers Pete, not caught up with you for ages, seems like the High Gear days were an age ago!

I only just scraped third place, 1 point ahead of Badboy! I tried really hard for Brazil too, but the outcome was as unexpected as Hamilton's championship (well with that final lap to go!).

I'll deffo be up for 2009, it'll be hard to predict with the new regs, have to keep an eye on who's running KERS and when too I suppose!

Have a great winter season everyone!