22 June 2009

Great Britain 2009: Round 8 Results


Well done to LoudHoward on his first win of the 2009 season - his first since Turkey last year. He is also awarded for predictions of the weekend after being the only one of all of us to correctly predict Vettel to take the win. The result moves him up four places to fifth, a solitary point behind his team mate Bommer in third place. How costly will missing Monaco prove, come the end of the season?

Well done also to Hollywood - the rookie that continues to climb the standings - and last year's British GP winner AndySly88, who came close to repeating the feat and moves from 19th to 17th.

In the championship its still very much Karan and Wooze in command, with the gap to third now up to ten points. Wooze outscores Karan here by a point to close the deficit to three. It'll be fascinating to see which of these two is the first to make a mistake.

There's little change in the teams championship - Brawn put the squeeze on Ferrari and now sit just two points behind whilst McLaren's strongest result for some time sees them up two places to seventh.

Australia's first win of the season doesn't help them trouble the top three in the nation's championship - Canada, Great Britain and USA.

Roll on Germany!


Anonymous said...

Grats LH! Nicely done :)

I quite enjoyed the race despite the lack of on track action. Was a pretty interesting race to watch from a strategic point of view. Hope Vettel and RBR can continue their charge for a few more races here, to make a championship out of this.

- Karan

Atomic said...

I think Vettel will gradually eat into Button's lead over the next few races. My only concern is that if he overhauls Button on points and take the title, people will start bitching about the medals system again, saying Button should be champion after his eight or nine wins.

But yes, the fight is definitely on. Thank you Mr Newey!

Anonymous said...

I suck.

Let's hope Vettel can win the next 4 or 5 races with Webber claimen 2nd and Button taking no more then 3 or 4 points a race.

Let's hope Vettel can turn this season around and my season will go upwards from here aswell...


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo F1's back for 2010 baby.

- Karan

Anonymous said...

Fucking three week break. For some reason I thought the German GP was THIS weekend ugh.

- Karan