14 July 2009

Germany 2009: Round 9 Results


Congratulations to super rookie Hollywood on taking his second victory in nine races at the German Grand Prix. This second win - also Toyota's second of the year - sees Hollywood draw level with Kai-Star and ForeverR5 in terms of bidding power for 2010 seats. Not bad for a newbie!

The other big news however is Wooze retaking the championship lead from arch rival Karan after the second highest score in Germany. I like to make a habit of slaying my team mates, but I've got to take my hat off to you mate, you're unstoppable this season! Karan lies a solitary point behind with Hollywood breaking free of the chasing pack in third.

LoudHoward goes from 9th, to 5th and back down to 10th in just three rounds, following his win last time out with another DNE.

In the team's championship, Brawn retake the lead from Ferrari, with Germany winners Toyota overtaking Toro Rosso for third.

Canada take their fourth win of the season and extend their lead over GBR to two points. As yet, no nation with a single player has won in 2009.

So, we're now heading into the second half of the season. Thanks again to everybody for their continued commitment, the entry levels so far this year are at an all time high. Cheers!

Roll on Hungary!


Eric said...

Remember Tom Petty's song "Free falling"? Didn't like the song and don't like the feeling either...

Bravo Yannick! Carole, passe-moi un sac je vais ĂȘtre malade!


ForeverR5 said...

Damn....just missed out.

And for the record, I also had Webber to win ;)

For those who have known me since the days of HG, you know how f'n excited I was when Webber finally won. I probably yelled louder then he did.

John said...

Sorry peeps, I’ve been away for a bit and now it looks like I need to pull my finger out or face finishing last. Sorry Sandeep – I’m not doing the Force India team much good am I. I’m off to the drawing board to design me a new double diffuser in the hope of catching you lot up! Lewis for the win in Hungary anyone?

Atomic said...

Damn Forever, I meant to mention that in the post. Not only did you have Webber to win, you were the only one to get the Red Bull 1-2 right :)

Flutterfly, interesting blog you've got there, I've often wondered if I could put my F1 knowledge to good betting use. The missus would kill me :)

ForeverR5 said...

It's ok Pete, I'm not THAT worried. I had a feeling this would be another Red Bull 1-2 based on the track favoring them over Brawn. I mean look at how Webber just tore into Rubino's lead on a full fuel load to!

I can only hope there's more down the road.

Atomic said...

I'm not sure its just a track-specific thing though, I really think Red Bull have made a huge step forward and I think they'll win most of the remaining races. Brawn will be closer at the hotter tracks, but they've definitely fallen to second quickest.

Poor Rubens :( I think a wet race might be his best shot at a win now.