1 September 2010

Canada 2010: Round 8 Results


A big congratulations to Luigi who takes the first victory of his career since his debut for Spyker in 2007. He also scores prediction of the weekend for correctly predicting Kubica for fastest lap. Great stuff.

Grats also to Badboy - a great result in your home race.

NEA had a shocker, coming away with the lowest score and dropping from first to seventh in the title race, leaving Mercedes' Montie to head the pack.

Standings after Canada:

1. Montie (69pts, 1 win)
2. Revs (69pts)
3. Badboy (66pts, high score of 15)
4. Karan (66pts, high score of 12)
5. Fisichella (65pts, 1 win)
6. UnclePeJay (65pts)
7. NEA (64pts, 2 wins)
8. Luigi (64pts, 1 win)

1. Ferrari (135pts)
2. Red Bull (130pts)
3. Lotus (116pts)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! At last a good prediction. Thx for another round of results Pete