29 July 2009

Form updated: Michael Schumacher to stand in for injured Felipe Massa!

Today came the announcement that Ferrari will be drafting in some old bloke called Michael Schumacher to stand in for Felipe Massa at the European Grand Prix.

Of the speculated possible stand ins discussed on F1Fanatic, I thought Valentino Rossi would have been the most fun, but bloody hell, thats pretty damn exciting news!

Meanwhile, doctors have reported that Massa stands a good chance of returning to the grid. This is great news.

The entry form is now updated. Bring on Valencia!


Anonymous said...

I know the speculation was there but I never expected I would actually read this headline.

Oh man I could cry tears of joy right now!

Going to spare no expense or effort to make a return visit to Monza this year. It had always been my biggest regret that I never saw Schumi race in person :( Can't miss this golden opportunity now.

- Karan

Anonymous said...

You can remove him from the list... we get Badoer instead. Which is also kinda cool, let's see what he can do with the F60.

Martijn (fisichella)

Anonymous said...


- Karan

Atomic said...

Hmm yeah it does kinda suck. Looking forward to seeing what Badoer can do though. After being test driver for 11 years, this is a nice reward.

PS. Karan, there's no censorship here, you can say what you like ;)