5 October 2009

Japan 2009: Round 15 Results


The return to Suzuka marked a return to the top spot for GPP veteran ForeverR5 - his first victory in over two years. This win is the third of his career and his first for McLaren. It lifts him to sixth overall - not bad for somebody with two DNEs on the 2009 scoreboard. Grats mate.

There's a change at the top of the championship standings as Karan once again takes the lead, two points clear of Wooze. With two rounds to go, its a two horse race, but the battle for third place is a close run thing, with just three points covering IceMan, Revs and me.

In the teams championship, Brawn refuse to give up on their championship challenge and have reduce the gap to leaders Ferrari from ten points to four. McLaren and Force India both climb a place at the expense of the two Red Bull teams.

Great Britain have moved well clear of their rivals and look to have an almost unassailable lead going into Brazil. ForeverR5's victory in Japan is USA's second of the season and closes the gap to Canada to just three points. The fight for second place is well and truly on for these neighbouring nations.

The season is drawing to a close, folks... Roll on Brazil!


ForeverR5 said...

My second win!

I can't believe I'm doing so good with missing two races....this is like my best season ever.

Party at my house!

Atomic said...

Third win dude ;)

Japan 2009
USA 2007
Germany 2004... back in the old Jaguar days :D

Anonymous said...

Damn! Only 2 points! Must try harder lol


ForeverR5 said...

Boy...I'm getting old.

Is 2004 really THAT long ago...geez.

Anonymous said...

Great job R5 :) Its coming right down to the wire here though eek.

- Karan