21 October 2009

Brazil 2009: Round 16 Results


Congratulations to Montie on taking his sixth career win, making him one of the most prolific winners in the series. Its Renault's first win of the season and indeed, Montie's first for his new team. He has won for every team he has competed with.

The fight for 2009 championship honours took a decisive swing in Brazil. The Ferraris and Renaults dominated the top scorers whilst the Brawn duo struggled. Number one contender Wooze came away with the lowest score, leaving him five points down on leader Karan going into the final round. While its not impossible that he will still take the title in Abu Dhabi, he'll need some good fortune to prevent Karan from becoming GPP's first ever two-time world champion. One small factor in Wooze's favour is that he can afford to tie on points - Karan needs to be at least a point clear.

Its a similar tale in the teams championship - Karan and Revs' performance in Brazil looks strong enough to have all but secured the title, leaving Brawn ten points down. Renault have jumped Toyota for third.

Great Britain can pretty much start uncorking the champagne in the nations championship.

Just one more to go folks - stay tuned this weekend for some additional analysis and information on the upcoming 2009 Race of Champions...

Roll on Abu Dhabi!


Anonymous said...

Boooooooo Button :( Poor Rubens rotten luck continues at Interlagos while Massa already has two wins at the circuit in 4 attempts. Just a shame.

Great for Button to finally attain the ultimate goal and all...but that Brawn chassis was simply a beast. He should just gift that WDC trophy to Ross Brawn as well. The man is a legend.

Anonymous said...

Ross is da man. Too bad for Rubens, always a black cloud over his head.

Don't know why Max stayed at the FIA so long. Maybe he felt strapped or chained and liked it. Enjoy your private life Max and don't do anything to wind up on youtube again!

Good riddance.


WPSE (worst prediction season ever)