24 March 2010

Five slots available ahead of Australia

Firstly a quick welcome to Glorfindel from the UK who has taken one of the vacant Toro Rosso seats for the Australian Grand Prix. Like myself, he has endured the sentence of being a flatmate to NEA, so I can only sympathise and hope he has better luck here...

That leaves five seats available that I'm hoping to fill for the rest of the season:
1x Mercedes
1x Renault
1x BMW Sauber
2x Hispania

For the last few seasons we've started with a full grid but this year I admit, I left it all a bit late in the day. If you know anybody you think might be interested in taking one of the remaining seats for Australia and beyond, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Pete, long time no see....where are ya mate?

- Karan

Anonymous said...

Okay where's the Malaysian results? hehe... hope all's well! I want to know how badly I did this time lol


Anonymous said...

It sure has been quiet around here. I did not score a lot of points but I predicted the Malaysian Pole, 1st and 2nd right.

Pete must be busy... so we just have to wait.


Neil said...

*Pokes with stick*

Eric said...

Ok, ok. No more Virgin jokes. You can come back Pete ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't have any sample of your DNA Pete but I don't think I'm wrong if I guess that none of your ancestors were remotely associated with the pony express.