9 March 2010

Its almost time...

After four long months we can finally say the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend is just days away and its finally time to start sending in your first predictions of the season.

Most of us have been doing this a fair few years now, but in the interests of completion (or the forgetful), here's what you need to do.

Send an email to
kohlstream13@hotmail.com with the following predictions for the Grand Prix, before the start of first practice:
Pole Position
Top Six Race Finishers
Fastest Lap

The GPP teams line up will be revealed on Saturday. It looks like most of the grid has returned for another year and I'll make sure the remaining slots are filled in due course.

I wish everybody the very best of luck for the season ahead and I hope you all enjoy the race.

I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Finally! About damn time :) I am good & ready for some racin'!

Welcome back Schumi :D

- Karan

Neil said...

Woooop! Can't wait, the off season, as entertaining as it was this year, is still too long.

I fully expect to be shite.