3 September 2009

Belgium 2009: Round 12 Results


Congratulations to Fisichella on taking his fourth career victory! Its been a tough season by his own standards, populating the lower end of the standings after two seconds and a sixth in the last three years. Good to see you back on winning form, bud. And just as the real Fisi hits good form too...

In another instance of the game replicating real life, Brawn's Wooze had a pretty terrible round yet still extended his championship lead. He now sits three points clear of Karan and a further nine ahead of IceMan, who leapfrogs his team mate after the Canadian drew a blank at Spa.

Brawn and Ferrari continue to swap the teams championship lead like a hot potato, the two teams once again tied on points at the top, with Brawn ahead on season wins. Red Bull come away from Belgium with more points than their rivals and look set to overhaul their junior team for sixth.

Great Britain extend their lead in the nations championship after a difficult round for Canada has left them fighting a rearguard action against arch rivals USA.

Roll on Italy!


Anonymous said...

Unexpected, but still nice to score some points and a win.
Is this the win with the lowest number of points ever?

Martijn (Fisi)

Anonymous said...

Oh I see some more 6 point-victories in the win history...