20 April 2009

China 2009: Round 3 Results


Well, this is working out quite nicely so far this season! Congratulations to me, I guess. Thats win number thirteen which is currently a record, although I am at the advantage of never having missed a round. If Rubens hangs up his racing boots at the end of the year I might do the same and see who can topple the record first.

As always, a quick reminder that all my entries are sent to Badboy before the deadline. Speaking of which, spare a thought for the Canadian, who took the time to submit an entry but seemed to forget to make any selections before hitting send. Nice work, Eric!

In the championship I lead from Wooze with a handy five point advantage, which is nothing at this early stage of the season but a handy springboard for the rest of the year. The lovely Good Ol' JR edges between the two Ferraris in fourth whilst Montie, IceMan and Bommer now complete the top eight.

There's little change in the teams championship with Brawn still heading the pack from Ferrari and Williams but McLaren drop to plum last after a double DNE in China.

Great Britain continue to hold a narrow lead in the nations standings, with USA gaining the upper hand over Canada in the battle for second.

The Chinese Grand Prix was pretty damn exciting by my reckoning. After all this rain its almost a shame we're heading to the desert next. It is however going to be very interesting to see how things pan out in a more straightforward, dry race. Have Red Bull emerged as Brawn's closest threat or would they not have had it so easy in the dry? Personally I'm pretty sure Vettel (and Webber for that matter) will win again this season and if the team can get a double-decker diffuser fitted to the car soon, we'll end up with a mid-90s style Britain vs Germany fight for the title.

Roll on Bahrain!


Update: I've added Badboy's entry on to the results as it appears there was a problem with the form. Its amongst the lower scores anyway so I figured it would be ok.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch I really stunk up the joint in this round! Red Bull's fantastic showing was really unexpected by me and was banking on Toyota and BMW doing well...both of whom failed miserably this weekend. Ah well back to playing catchup.

Grat on another win Pete, well done mate.

- Karan