27 April 2009

Bahrain 2009: Round 4 Results


Congratulations to Hollywood for taking his first win in only his fourth Grand Prix. Am I cruel enough to mention it took his cousin Badboy 30 GPs to achieve the same feat? Apparently so - rub it in his face!

This result leaves just Luigi, Good Ol' JR and fellow rookie Flutterfly as the only non-winners on the grid.

Well done to Flutterfly and Fisichella for correctly predicting Trulli to take the pole. Nice pick.

At the top of the standings my lead has been cut from five points to three, as Revs scores well in Bahrain to move up to second. At this early stage of the season its a battle to become the first two-time champion - bring it on!

Its all to play for as its still incredibly tight with just one point covering eight players in the middle of the pack.

The scores were pretty close so there's little change in the teams championship. Toyota jump Renault by way of Hollywood's victory here.

In the nations standings its two-all for Great Britain and Canada victory-wise with USA keeping close company in third.

Not the most exciting race after the drama of the first three, but it was good to get a better picture of the pecking order in 2009, even if car updates in Spain mean its probably all changed anyway... Button vs Vettel for the title fight?

Roll on Spain!


Anonymous said...

Screw you Pete :p lol

What a silly bunch of results this year! Who would have thought that someone would have find a breach in the rules better than Ferrari?

Honest now. Who in his right mind would have thought that Button would have won 3 out of 4 races? Not his father, his dentist, his colonoscopist, nobody.


Anonymous said...

Oh btw Pete, the season has now begun ;)


Anonymous said...

I thought I would have done better than that. Darn! Still, well done team mate :-p