2 April 2009

And the Penalties World Championship rumbles on...

Yep, as several of you have pointed out in the comments, Lewis Hamilton has been excluded from the Australian Grand Prix results and Jarno Trulli has been re-instated in third place. Classic Formula 1, sadly.

As such there will be some minor effects on the GPP results. Hurrah, more work! Thanks FIA!

I'll post the amended results tomorrow. Apologies to anybody that loses out.

Meanwhile, don't forget that the deadline for Malaysian Grand Prix predictions is just hours away... Lets hope this weekend is more about what happens during the race than after it.


Anonymous said...

Stuff happening DURING the race? Man, it's Malaysia, what do you expect?


Atomic said...

Hehe yeah, watching FP2 at the moment, 80% chance of thunderstorms during the race they reckon ;)