2 September 2010

Europe 2010: Round 9 Results


Not a bad day at the office for Revs! He scores his eleventh win - his third European GP - to jump to the top of the standings. Is he on his way to a second world title?

He is now also just two wins behind the record of 13, currently held by yours truly. Catch me if you can!

Standings after Europe:

1. Revs (81pts)
2. Montie (77pts, 1 win)
3. Badboy (77pts)
4. Luigi (73pts)
5. Fisichella (72pts, 1 win)
6. Karan (72pts, high score of 12)
7. UnclePeJay (72pts, high score of 11)
8. Robin (68pts)

1. Ferrari (153pts)
2. Red Bull (144pts)
3. Lotus (127pts)

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Anonymous said...

I'm on the podium: time for a screenshot.