3 September 2010

Great Britain 2010: Round 10 Results


Its funny how things go... after two rounds posting the lowest score, NEA hits back to take his third win of 2010. He has nearly doubled his win tally in this season alone.

Its also a birthday of sorts - Silverstone marked the 150th Grand Prix for Predictions. What better place for a milestone like that? Many of you have been around since the early days, some of you have been around since the start in 2002. Pats on the back all round for bringing the game this far! Cheers guys.

In the standings, Revs extends his championship lead to five points, with fellow High Gear original Badboy now up to second.

Standings after Great Britain:

1. Revs (90pts)
2. Badboy (85pts)
3. Montie (83pts)
4. UnclePeJay (81pts)
5. Karan (80pts)
6. NEA (78pts)
7. Fisichella (77pts)
8. Robin (75pts)

1. Ferrari (170pts)
2. Red Bull (158pts)
3. Lotus (135pts)

1 comment:

Glorfindel said...

Consistently batting 5 points. I blame my teacher, Nea you didn't teach me well enough! lol