12 September 2010

Hungary 2010: Round 12 Results


Congratulations to Montie on his second victory of 2010 at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The win is his eighth which moves him into a clear third place on win tallies for active players. More importantly, it brings him up to within three points of the championship lead he held after Canada.

Standings after Hungary:

1. Revs (105pts)
2. Montie (102pts)
3. Karan (100pts)
4. Badboy (99pts)
5. UnclePeJay (97pts)
6. NEA (93pts, 3 wins)
7. Fisichella (93pts, 1 win)
8. ForeverR5 (90pts)

1. Ferrari (205pts)
2. Red Bull (190pts)
3. Toro Rosso (168pts)

1 comment:

Glorfindel said...

Holy cow, I came second for this GP, awesome!