4 September 2010

Germany 2010: Round 11 Results


Congratulations to reigning champion Karan on taking his first victory of the 2010 season at the German Grand Prix. Its the sixth win of his career and his fourth for the Scuderia.

And represented by Massa too - its almost poetic!

He's now up to third overall as the Ferraris begin to dominate the standings, once again.

Standings after Germany:

1. Revs (98pts)
2. Badboy (93pts)
3. Karan (91pts)
4. Montie (90pts, 1 win)
5. UnclePeJay (90pts)
6. NEA (86pts, 3 wins)
7. Fisichella (86pts, 1 win)
8. ForeverR5 (81pts)

1. Ferrari (189pts)
2. Red Bull (176pts)
3. Toro Rosso (149pts, 1 win, high score of 28)
4. Mercedes (149pts, 1 win, high score of 22)


UnclePeJay said...

Wow! Two PoW's in a row! Plus, I'm having my best season ever! Guess I'm finally getting the hang of this.

Anonymous said...

grats dude!


Anonymous said...

How surprising... Todt did not found sufficient proofs to find Ferrari guilty about the blatant team orders in Germany. ROFL!!!


Atomic said...

I'm no fan of Ferrari, but I think it was the right decision. In a court of law, you can't *prove* it was an order and not Massa's choice, even though we all know otherwise. Its just a shame Ferrari don't have the integrity that McLaren and RBR have and let their drivers race.

The rule can't be enforced. They're better of ditching it for next year - at least we'll have a more honest sport.

Anonymous said...

WTF is Alonso doing taking the pole at Monza??? I should have sent him my picks, even though it's usually Massa that listen to orders.