9 March 2009

2009 Signups

Ok, time to get the ball rolling...

Invitations to enter the 2009 season are now being sent out. As discussed in November's post, things are going to be a little bit different this season - players now have a say over which teams they compete for, and every win gets you one step closer to where you want to be.

In simple terms:

- when signing up, players list their teams, first choice through to last
- seats are handed out in order of reigning champion*, then wins, then rounds entered
- players who finished in the top eight of last years championship, or scored two wins or more, have the option to keep their seat
*Yup, that means me first, but since everybody is taking the piss out of Brawn GP I guess nobody will mind...

A needless complication? Maybe! But basically you list your teams in order of preference and get the highest available.

So what do I need from you guys? Well, to sign up for the 2009 season just send me an email with the following:

- Your username
- Your password
- The ten teams ordered from 1st (top choice) to 10th (last choice) OR if you are eligible and want to, you can state 'Keep seat'

Those eligible to keep their existing seats are:

Montie (Red Bull)
IceMan (Renault)
Badboy (Williams)
Karan (Ferrari)
Fisichella (BMW Sauber)
UnclePeJa (Red Bull)
Wooze (Brawn)
LoudHoward (Toro Rosso)

And thats it. You're in. Have fun choosing your teams; it looks like Ferrari, Renault and Williams all have a spare seat...

I'll get the site all updated and 2009ified pretty soon, but with the season looming large I wanted to get moving with the sign ups. I'll keep an updated list of players that have signed up in the panel on the right.

So thats it. Over to you lot.


Anonymous said...

Dude, the entry form still says Brazil! hehe, seriously though, when will teams be announced, and can we enter with the form as it is now?


Atomic said...

Hi bud

I'm currently beavering away trying to get everything sorted - there's a couple of new features on the line up presentation and working on right now.

At the moment I would guess the first of the line ups will be posted tomorrow but the form will definitely be updated to use tonight and the reminders will be sent out too.

My lady wants me to do the washing up too, so we'll blame her for the delay :P

Atomic said...

*I'm working on, not 'and working on'... :)

Anonymous said...

Is your lady still taking part in the competition? Then it's in her interest to let you finish setting it up ;-)