30 March 2009

Australia 2009: Round 1 Results


Please note - these results are provisional and subject to change in the unlikely event that Toyota appeal Trulli's penalty and the appeal wins.

Congratulations to Wooze on taking his second successive win. Much the same as in real life, Brawn have hit the ground running in 2009 with high scores for both players, but Wooze's eight points beats his rivals as he had two correct top six positions, one more than anybody else with the same score.

Generally pretty low scores thanks to an unpredictable race - quite a few people were royally screwed when Vettel and Kubica collided - but spare a though for Kai-Star, scoring a rare zero in his home race. LoudHoward was the best of the home race entrants with six points.

Wooze now leads the championship for the first time since San Marino 2005, when he lead the chase for just one round.

Brawn also lead the teams championship, closely followed by Toro Rosso.

A victory for a UK player means Great Britain lead the nations championship, but Germany and USA are right up there, also with eight points.

So what did everybody think of the race? I think its great to see the cars really moving around again, they look more of a handful this season. I have to admit though, the decision to wait two laps to deploy the safety car after Nakajima's crash (allowing Button to pit) was, at best, highly dubious.

Roll on Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

Was a good start to the season, though the various penalties spoiled things, especially if Hamilton did move over to let Trulli back through, which lead to him being penalised... but as it was all off camera who knows except the FIA...

Wonder how much rain there will be in Malaysia? hehe


Anonymous said...

Man, I said it a while ago, any dimwit can win in a Ross Brawn car. If this is not proof far ya ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow thats pretty freaky that we got a Brawn 1-2 in GPP09 as well! How's that for a coincedence :)

Congrats to both and also teammate Revs for a nice points haul.

Roll on Malaysia, need to get a good result in the bag.

- Karan

LoudHoward said...

I can see myself getting sick of that Brawn fellow pretty quickly!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we might see a change in the standings, with the Trulli penalty under review once again, to be reversed...

Anonymous said...

Trulli back in 3th... Lewis AND Kovi DQ!


Anonymous said...

yeah, you better recalculate!